Maize Farm

Maize Farm Units | 1 Acre (6 plots)


100 Maize Farm Units left

Contract Period: 6 months

Expected Return: 20% per 6 months


Farm Description

Maize farming, also known as corn farming, is one of the most viable agricultural business ideas in Africa, including Nigeria. It is consumed in various forms and feeds over 500 million Africans yearly.

According to a research carried out by the IITA, over 800 million tonnes of maize is produced yearly, with Africa only accounting for about 6.5% of this figure. This is extremely low considering the fact that America produced about 32% of the world’s total maize crops grown in 2010 alone, followed by China.

Of the percentage produced in Africa, Nigeria is the largest producer with about 8 million tonnes of maize produced yearly in the country, followed by South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda.

The small percentage Africa has in the worldwide production of the maize crop shows there’s still an abundant opportunity for maize cultivation on the continent.

In order to end the supply constrains experienced by poultry feed manufacturers, we are partnering with Maize farmers in southwestern Nigeria to work with 1,000 new maize farmers in ogun state to work on 10,000 Acres of Maize farms in 2018. Join us in this journey.

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